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Since 2003 thousands of brides and grooms & wedding coordinators alike have sourced our books, and attended the GRAND Wedding Show to help make their wedding planning easier. Brides & grooms & event planners who take wedding planning seriously are our heroes! ​It's easy to throw  a party (sort of) but it takes a solid comprehensive resource with all the right kind of wedding experts , budgets and great advice in once place to plan a celebration of a lifetime . Click here to find out where to get your FREE copy today.

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Whether you’re walking down the aisle, circamambulating the goddess Agni, signing the khettuabh, or performing a tea ceremony; whether your wedding is budget or luxe; civil or religious—it will contain elements that reflect your unique upbringing and beliefs.

 From classic contemporary weddings to luxe destination weddings, you can depend on us to help find wedding resources that fit your budget and style. Redefine culture on your own terms with & the Cultural Wedding Planner

"The first time I picked up The Cultural Wedding Planner I was struck by its beauty, exceptional quality and first class information." Dr. Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Gardens  (2014)

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"a comprehensive wedding resource that offers a wealth of information...gem of a book." The Vancouver Sun (March 2003)

While it's true that engagements do, indeed, always pull couples into what is known as the 'wedding machine' and all things wedding all the time. What might surprise you is that as wedding forward as we are, we always advise couples to be practical and systematic  in their approach. What we've created is a labor of love as you'll see when you flip through the pages of our book. However, if you'd like chat with us about your plans and just need an unbiased sounding board feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear about your exciting plans.

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