Why flowers for you?

Working with flowers allows me to use my creativity. Also, making floral pieces is fun and calming for me.

Your favorite flower & favorite color for flowers

My favorite flower is roses and my favorite color for flowers is hot pink. I love bright colored flowers.

Flowers to possibly avoid for your wedding?

Tulips, lilies, and daffodils should be avoided. Tulips open up quickly and don’t have a long lifespan. Lilies are a delicate flower; therefore they are more likely to be bruised.  Daffodil stems release a slimy substance when cut and this slime is not good for
surrounding flowers.

3 words that describe you as a FLORIST in Vancouver

1. Passionate. I love what I do. I believe that if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, you cannot do it well.

2. Confident. I know that I do my job well. However, I am always eager to learn new techniques and the latest trends in the floral industry.

3. Detail-Oriented. I like to ensure that the smallest details are taken care of so that customers are content with the final product.

Feature Friday:

K.J.A. House of Flowers


How to keep your wedding flowers looking their best on your wedding day - tips from Vancouver wedding flower expert K.J.A House of Flowers

1. Lightly spray flower heads directly with cold water to delay flowers from turning brown. Hydrangeas can be sprayed with more water,

since they love water.

2. Cut flower stems (at least 1 inch) at an angle with a knife instead of scissors as this will make it easier for flowers to drink up water. A

knife provides a clean cut, while scissors tend to crush the vessels that transport water from the bottom of the stem to the flower head.  

Also, cutting the stem at an angle exposes more surface area, which allows for more water to be absorbed.  

3. Avoid touching the flower heads with your hands as the natural oils in your hands can cause the flowers to brown and bruise. If you

need to make any floral adjustments, do so gently with gloves on.

4. Don’t store flowers in your refrigerator if there are fruits in there. Fruits release a gas called ethylene. This invisible gas is not good

for flowers. So be sure to remove any fruits from your fridge if you need to store flowers in there.

5. Change water every other day to prevent bacteria build up. Bacteria in the water make it harder for flowers to intake water.

Cultural wedding planner
                                                                                                     " A North American First "

One of the best parts of doing what we do at CulturalWeddings® -- is the fact that we get to work with some pretty awesome Vancouver wedding suppliers who are so passionate about wedding trends and celebrations. They love being part of special milestone celebrations; while doing what they LOVE doing most. Making people happy! So here's to our first series of #FeatureFriday / #FasionFriday blog. If you'd like to be featured simply click here or give us a quick call or text. We'd love to hear from you at 604-351-9488

How to prepare for a successful wedding consultation with your Vancouver wedding florist.

3 tips you can offer Vancouver  brides when they come in to do a consult with a florist and you specifically?

1. Bring “flower inspiration” pics and examples. This will help us to get an idea of your wedding vision, expectations, and likes.

Also, know your wedding theme, colors, and style. This ensures that we put together appropriate floral designs for your wedding.

2. Know your flower budget range. We can come up with floral designs and select flowers that fit within your budget if you have one.

3. Be open-minded. Sometimes the flowers you want may not be in season or the flowers you have selected may not be suitable for your wedding style. Be open to the suggestions that we give, as we want the appropriate flowers to be used in your wedding.

3 wedding flower trends for 2016?

1. Loose/wide bouquets. Perfectly round bouquets
are no longer the trend. Instead, garden-inspired bouquets will be the trend for 2016.

2. Greenery focused backdrops. This is a refreshing alternative to a backdrop made solely of flowers. Furthermore, a foliage focused backdrop is more cost effective, as mostly greenery and only a few flowers are used.

3. Accessories made of flowers such as, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and headpieces.

3 interesting things about you (and flowers if you like)?

1. I have worked in the floral industry for over 20 years. I started off as a bouquet maker and then became a Production Manager.

2. I love planetary science; learning about the Earth, other planets and the moon.

3. My favorite sport is badminton