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Why we LOVE what we do?

One of the truly rewarding parts about what we do is the fact that we’ve become such an integral part of couples’ wedding plans.

We receive calls from excited brides who, encouraged by the feedback of cousins/friends/sisters/ brothers who used the resource, now need a planner of their own. We receive calls from parents who are extremely enthusiastic, but don't

know where to begin. We receive calls from wedding coordinators looking to source out their suppliers. And we especially love the calls from brides who once used our books and are now working in the Canadian wedding industry.We love all your calls, so, please, keep them coming.

As a beautifully diverse country, we are immersed in so many wonderful eastern and western cultures and religions. We at Cultural Weddings are all about celebrating what is and what will be, intercultural wedding or not. Since 2003, literally thousands of couples of all backgrounds
have turned to us for the inspiration and resources they need to create unforgettable weddings that reflect their unique customs and personalities. In that same period of time, we’ve had the
honour of being recognized and interviewed by local and National major media outlets including CTV News, CBC National, the Globe and Mail, and the Vancouver Sun, Canadian Living Magazine, The Canadian Immigrant to name a few. We've been recognized by awards such as the SDISS Cultural Diversity Award for Business, The Business Excellence Award presented by the Surrey Chamber of Commerce as well as nominations for the Ernest & Young.

But coming back to you; maybe you’re already in the process of planning and have picked up your copy of The Cultural Wedding Planner with your intention of getting the ball rolling. Great! You’re already one step ahead! You might even be the mother or sister of a bride or groom (believe us, we know the amount of work and stress that goes into
planning a wedding, and your extra support is beyond welcome!), or perhaps you are a member of a wedding industry or BC wedding supplier that’s passionate about weddings and wants to share in this  lucrative industry  (which,in that case, we encourage you to call us to see how we might collaborate), or maybe you just
know of someone who would benefit from our assistance.

Are you ready?
Whether it’s running some ideas by us, kick starting your planning process, or planning the entire
celebration, you can call us at 604-351-9488 and we’ll get you started.

Fast forward 2017 thousands of couples, their friends and family, and even wedding coordinators use our keepsake publications as their 'go to' resource for wedding planning & event coordination whether it's  local celebrations or destination weddings in Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand, Hawaii, India or pretty much anywhere else in the the world.

When we get calls we hear things like, “I wish they had this when I got married” and “we used this ‘back in the day’”. This feedback is a testament to the Cultural Wedding Planners / Canada's First South Asian Wedding Planner straightforward, easy-to-use and systematic format which allows brides &  grooms to tote it wherever they go.

And despite the fact that most people think online marketing is the only way to go these days, we still
strongly believe that there's something enchanting about holding a book in one’s hands. The feel
of the paper, the vibrancy of the images, the gorgeous ribbon that we include with it -- all these
components add up to make your wedding planning feel much less virtual and, shall we say, far more tangible. After all, weddings at their core are about the sensory feelings.

And, although we all rely heavily on the internet & technology these days, we personally think there’s something to be said for a physical keepsake like our books! But don't get us wrong, we too love social media and are active on it. (Be sure to follow us on Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!)

So once we launched our book; our next step was to create an event unlike any other the city had ever
witnessed. In the jam-packed ballrooms of the Sheraton Vancouver Hotel (Surrey, BC), we produced our very first large scale cultural wedding show IndianWeddings Show in September, 2003 aka known as the Grand Wedding Show. The GRAND Wedding Show is now usually hosted at the Vancouver Convention & Exhibition Centre, one
of the largest and most prestigious convention centres in the world. Going into it's 12th event, the
GRAND Wedding Show has become one of the city's largest and well-attended bridal wedding fairs.

Our celebrity emcee hosts over the years for our bridal fairs have included the likes of Mi -Jung Lee (CTV), Renu Bakshi (formerly of CTV), Simone Grewal (Virgin Radio), Suzanne Smith (formerly of OMNI Television) and Reena Heer (formerly of CTV), to name a few.

Our Story,

With Gratitude and Love

It all began over 15 years ago. We were young(er) and ready to tie the knot when we decided to
attend a few wedding shows to kick start our planning process. With our vision in mind, we were
left bewildered when one vendor after another stated, somewhat "standoffish-ly", that they couldn’t do “those types” of weddings. Considering the fact that we were living in one of the world's most multicultural cities, we found this quite discouraging. It was this frustration, however, that led us to our first 'Aha' moment in this journey of weddings.

We made the choice to step back and allow our family to plan the entire 500+ guest wedding
There were no written contracts or consults. Our wedding suppliers were sourced mostly through word-of-mouth recommendations (some of these not the best of referrals from individuals who didn’t have our highest and best in mind). This process cost our family thousands of dollars, and an experience with a Vancouver wedding photographer and wedding video company that we wouldn’t wish upon anyone, but once more, we were faced with another crucial “Aha!” moment.

After all that we’d been through, we realized that there simply had to be a better way to keep all of this organized.

And so began our mission to create a comprehensive resource upon which couples like ourselves could rely when making their cultural wedding big budget decisions. We envisioned a place where couples could source out companies that were passionate about their services, and had
a genuine interest in pleasing all brides and grooms, regardless of cultural needs and requirements.

These companies would be INCLUSIVE, and would celebrate the diversity of all communities.The resource we pictured would also assist couples in tracking the money invested, to reign in budgets and make the entire process less stressful.

When we commenced our journey, all of this was merely an idea. But this idea was backed by dozens of people who believed in what we had set out to do. They had immeasurable confidence in our passion, and gave us the strength to stay motivated as we moved forward with our vision.

There are too many wonderful people to mention here, but we are grateful to each and every one
of them. We are even more pleased to say that several of these supporters are still involved in our
publication today! It was with their love and encouragement that we were able to launch our very first publication in 2003, Canada’s First South Asian Wedding Planner, which is now in its 13th
edition, as well as the Cultural Wedding Planner which is in it's 11th.